My flatmate and I have recently began a collaborative project called BeFee, although we don’t have an end goal for this project yet, we have been playing around doing photoshoots, and posting the end results on Instagram.

Our most recent being, ‘Projection’
I feel I may begin using this as a platform to showcase some of work.

BeFee Instagram here




I find that graduate work is usually the most outrageous and experimental, as this is the collection that usually gets a designers foot in the door.

One collection that stood out to me when browsing through some of the LCF grad show collections, was a collaboration between three different designers. Gayane Arzumanova, Beth Wilson and Yui Jiang, who all contributed to a different aspect of the designs. Arzumanova being the designer, Wilson being the creator of the heat-manipulated leather and Jiang being the creator of each dramatic headpiece. Which has created a truly spectacular and original collection.

When interviewed backstage, Gayane Arzumanova said her motive was ‘to capture the idea of a transient moment, a notion communicated through sculptural silhouettes which appeared to have been frozen in motion’ which garments appearing as though they’re melting over the body.

Beautifully abstract.

All images / DAZED



For my current university project, we have been researching into the art of perfumery and how it is marketed and branded. During one of my research trips into a department store I spotted CK2, the new genderless perfume from Calvin Klein.

Upon talking to a sales associate; their marketing and choice of perfume ingredients* felt so fresh – and has definitely became inspiration for creating our own scent brand in university.

* wasabi, wet cobblestones, violet leaf, incense, vetiver and sandalwood

All images taken by me



With my university course, we recently visited New York city. I had not previously visited anywhere outside of Europe so it was so interesting to see the fashion culture of another continent. One thing I found particularly amazing was the architecture. Not only seeing it above ground level from the Empire State and the Rockefeller, but just the mix between old and new, historic and modern.




For our current brief for university, we have been asked to create a 16 page magazine on a specific topic – I chose distressed denim. During my research for this I discovered an amazing young designer who’s work is right on par with my topic, Faustine Steinmetz. Her work includes old denim pieces which have then pleated, shredded, knotted, bleached and distressed to create gorgeous new unique pieces.

I feel her outlook on fashion is very fresh and I feel larger designers should be inspired by her to make their own garments environmentally friends and sustainable. The Parisian designer has since expanded her line to use polo shirts and worn tracksuits and also created a vegan handbag line.


Today I went to view a local University with my family. I’m interested in doing a degree in Fashion Promotion and the way this one was run sounded amaze to me (plus there’s chances to go abroad to China, Paris and many other places so how could I say no to that)! I also liked the fact they incorporated some photography into the course which I’ve found a lot of other universities do not do.

Anyway, this is the outfit I chose to wear for the day!

IMG_5862IMG_5860IMG_5859I based my whole outfit around this beautiful grey turtleneck which I managed to pick up from a charity shop for 99p. Yes! This beauty was less than £1! I love it so so much and it is one of my favourite buys from this fall. Along with this black woolen jacket with a faux fur collar, which I also managed to get from a charity shop for £5. I’ve worn this every single day since I got it – it’s just the perfect size and I can wear it when it’s really cold as well as when it’s a little warmer like today. Which is perfect with the always changing British weather! Yet again I am wearing my bargain white ripped mom jeans from Zara along with my black Dr. Marten sandals.

IMG_5863I then chose to wear my black round sunglasses from Urban Outfitters which I got in the summer. Whilst we were out, I also bought a new necklace from New look (which I don’t have on here as I put it on after I took these pictures) but you can find it here and it’s an absolute bargain for £3.99!

Thanks for reading!

love Fiona
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