Photography is one of my favourite hobbies, especially when mixed with architecture and the colours are clean and minimal.
I was recently browsing Minimalissimo and discovered a post they had done on a photographer named Kevin Riedl, I couldn’t find much about him except for a website link and an instagram, and I couldn’t resist to follow him.
His photography is truly beautiful and I feel he captures architectural shapes perfectly within his shots, and the monochrome palette allows the smallest of details and shadows to become very much apparent. The minimalist nature allows the geometrical shapes of the buildings to appear very prominent.

I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more of his work.

All images // Kevin Riedl – instagram, website




Innovative contemporary architectural company MVRDV have collaborated with Chanel to redesign their flagship Amsterdam store and the outcome is truly beautiful.

They have used pioneering glass technology to combine modernism and tradition to recreate the city’s traditional architectural style in a fresh and interesting way. The glass used is said to be ‘in many ways, stronger than concrete’  according to MVRDV.

The design fades from a traditional terracotta brick townhouse into a clear full glass design, combining style and history in one and it will be top of my visiting list next time I’m in Amsterdam.

All images from MVRDV



With my university course, we recently visited New York city. I had not previously visited anywhere outside of Europe so it was so interesting to see the fashion culture of another continent. One thing I found particularly amazing was the architecture. Not only seeing it above ground level from the Empire State and the Rockefeller, but just the mix between old and new, historic and modern.


As I recently went to Amsterdam for my birthday, I thought I’d share with you some of the things that I would consider my essentials when travelling.




1/ &other stories lipstick in the shade ‘Pointelle Flesh’.
2/ Little silver bullet that holds perfume, (shame it leaks though).
3/ & 4/ White and Matte polish from Urban Outfitters.
5/ Maybelline Brow drama in the shade Medium brown
6/ &other stories lip balm
7/ Nip and Fab CC cream in the shade light
8/ The Body Shop matte it skin primer
9/ The Body Shop seaweed pore perfector.
10/ Urban Decay Naked Basics palette
11/ Opal ring (from my parents for my birthday)
12/ Silver casio watch
13/ Lush Cosmetics sparkle toothy tabs.
14/ Headphones
15/ White faux leather Monki purse.
16/ Black round Urban Outfitters sunglasses (from last summer – heDSC_0101re in white)
17/ iPod touch
18/ Passport featuring DIY cover
19/ Apple MacBook Air

I hope you enjoyed this short post about my travel essentials.

love Fiona x
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I still don’t think I’m quite ready to go back to sixth form yet after the pretty cool week off I’ve had. Obviously Valentines was a part of that week, but also seeing a Smiths tribute band and visiting a university open day.

Over the weekend, I visited the fabric shop to buy the material for my textiles project in sixth form. I’ve chosen to do a dress with a white leather skirt and scuba top. I managed to pick up the leather but they didn’t have any scuba in stock so I’ll have to take a second trip. As I’ve never worked with leather before, I chose to start off simple and make myself a passport cover inspired by Love-Aesthetics recent DIY.
/1. Measure your passport. You need the length when it’s open and the height.

/2. Add a few more inches onto your length measurement for your pocket sections and a small hem and about a cm onto the height.

/3. Cut out your leather.

/4. Do a small 0.5cm hem on either end of your length. Then fold in the pocket sections and sew, leaving a gap in the middle for your passport to slide into.

Also during my week off I visited Nottingham Trent University on an offer holders open day. I’ve been to a few other open days and had my heart set on Leeds, until Saturday. I absolutely fell in love with NTU; the location, the accommodation, the buildings, the course, just everything. I felt so at home there and even made a friend. I don’t want to go anywhere else now. I will be a Fashion Communication and Promotion student at NTU in September, I’ve decided.
During my visit, all the students who applied for my course did a workshop about client profiles. We had to empty the contents of our bags onto the table, arrange it and then take a picture. The person next to you then had to make assumptions about you – just from the contents of your bag. To be honest, it sounded slightly ridiculous at first and I thought there was not chance it would be right, but it is actually so accurate!

I hope you enjoyed this short DIY and ‘review’ of my experience at NTU.
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