For our current brief for university, we have been asked to create a 16 page magazine on a specific topic – I chose distressed denim. During my research for this I discovered an amazing young designer who’s work is right on par with my topic, Faustine Steinmetz. Her work includes old denim pieces which have then pleated, shredded, knotted, bleached and distressed to create gorgeous new unique pieces.

I feel her outlook on fashion is very fresh and I feel larger designers should be inspired by her to make their own garments environmentally friends and sustainable. The Parisian designer has since expanded her line to use polo shirts and worn tracksuits and also created a vegan handbag line.





As we move into the new year, theres an arising trend that is popular with bloggers and celebrity street style that I hope becomes more of a macro trend this year rather than a fad left in 2015. Tonal dressing.

Personally, I think there is something so aesthetically pleasing about outfits made up of similar colours, whether it be neutrals such as grey, camel or white, or something more outrageous like red – as seen on Solange Knowles at the Carven fall/winter 2015 show at Paris fashion week.

Images sourced from InStyle and google