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It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘listening’ post, but yesterday in university we had a lecture on collaborations and it got me thinking about recent collaborations outside of fashion. The one that particularly stuck in my mind is the recent teasers for a song collaboration between Chase & Status and Slaves – which is being released on February 24th.

However, today they released a video teaser on Chase & Status website which I feel is an extremely interesting and clever promotion tool. The website has uploaded an interactive video in which a clip of the song is playing in the background and you can move your mouse to view different angles of the video. From a promotion point of view, I feel this is a very clever way to promote not only the new collaboration but drive traffic onto their website and encourage fans of each group to check out the other. Finally, as a huge fan of Slaves I find it so exciting to see them collaborating with a group as influential as Chase & Status!

The song is dropped tomorrow and will be premiered on BBC Radio 1 at 7:30pm tonight (23/02).

Image sourced from the interactive video / Chase & Status / Slaves
Pre-order the song here



Today, I’ve decided to do something a little different as yesterday I got to see my favourite band (for the 2nd time) perform live; The Wytches, and they were absolutely amazing so I thought I needed to share my experience with you guys.

So, if you’re not already aware of who the Wytches are, they are a three piece surf-psych band originally from Peterborough but now living in Brighton. They are made up of Kristian Bell (singer and guitarist), Dan Rumsey (backing singer and bassist) and Gianni Honey (drummer). AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM.
I first heard them in late July as they would be performing at a small festival in Skipton I was going to in the August and I wanted to know a few more bands before I went. The first songs I heard by them were ‘Wire Frame Mattress‘ and ‘Gravedweller‘ and tbh I didn’t immediately fall in love with them. It was unlike anything I had ever heard but I thought they were pretty cool and unique, so I downloaded the songs anyway. However, the more I listened to them, the more obsessed I became with the trio, and I then gave them the title of my favourite band – which from me, is a very hard title to obtain.

So, it got to the August and I got to see them for the first time – I was right at the barrier and it was so so surreal. The were amazing performers and they just completely blew me away with their surf-doom melodies and Kristian’s aaamazing vocals.

The Wytches performing at Beacons festival

The Wytches performing at Beacons festival

I really liked the fact that they really put on a show and the songs sounded very different from how they do on record which I think creates a better live performance. I was also extremely pleased to hear that not long after I had seen them that they would be releasing their first ever album, Annabel Dream Reader (which inspired the name of my blog). I had to get it. A signed copy at that matter.IMG_4467

There is that little beauty! I cried for about 60 minutes when it arrived and I just couldn’t believe that I was holding a signed copy of their album, and again – it completely blew me. There was quite a few songs on the record that I had never heard before such as ‘Fragile Male for Sale‘ and ‘Part Time Model‘ but they quickly became some of my favourite songs and my friends never heard the end of my obsession with them.

So, my good friend Adam decided to surprise me with two tickets for me and him to go and see them in Liverpool and I was so excited! The outfit I chose to wear for the gig was the same as the one from my ‘Art Gallery Attire‘ post as it was very comfortable and very simple and I needed something to keep me cooler in the mosh pits. But I then bought a t-shirt and put that over my outfit 🙂


Anyway, the actual gig yesterday was A M A ZING. It turned out to be 400X better than I could have ever imagined. I was right at the front and I can’t even put into words how brilliant it all was. The hour absolutely flew by – but during the last song was when shit just hit the fan. About 30 kids all decided to jump on stage and mosh (including me), whilst the band casually continued to play through it all. But that sadly came to an end as security guards had to push us all off stage:(.


Stage invasion picture I robbed of someones instagram (me in the red circle :D)

However, that is not all. Adam and I also waited for a bit after the show to see if we could meet them, and yes. It happened (well, kinda. It was only 1/3rd of the Wytches, but still!) Kristian came out and was talking to us and I got a picture with him. I couldn’t breathe. It was just amazing and it just completely made my night. He was so so sweet, and put his hand on my shoulder. OMG.


Sorry for the extreeemly long post today but I’m just so happy and I needed to write about it all!
If you’d like to check the Wytches out (which you definitely should) then here’s some links;
If you’d like to listen buy their album click here or check them out on Youtube

If you’ve managed to get this far I praise you and thank you for reading 🙂

Love Fiona x
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