My flatmate and I have recently began a collaborative project called BeFee, although we don’t have an end goal for this project yet, we have been playing around doing photoshoots, and posting the end results on Instagram.

Our most recent being, ‘Projection’
I feel I may begin using this as a platform to showcase some of work.

BeFee Instagram here




When browsing LFWM on Business of Fashion, I came across a collection by designer Matthew Miller for autumn of 2017, showcased on Saturday, January 7th.  The collection consisted of 21 looks; both male and female, with a beautiful simple colour palette of black, white, burgundy and hints of a delicate leaden-blue.

Vermilion red was also incorporated within this palette through the models make-up and/or accessory; some having lines from their nose or eyes or a subtle printed scarf draped around their head, shoulders or in hand. In particular, I’m taken by the choice of models – with many having resemblance to pixies or similar mystical beings. I feel this is an interesting yet brave choice, as focus may be diverted from their clothes to the model. However, I do not feel this is the case as Miller has thought well about the differentiation and contrast for these two to work well together. Interesting models making simple clothes appear desirable.

Miller kept consistency within his collection, with the middle parting hairstyle and all flat footwear choices, showing these still relevant trends (despite the push for the return of the stiletto / Vogue). The oversized feel of some of the garments feels entirely relevant due to the decision of layering in different textures and fabric weights, allowing the outfits to flow.

For more of the collection and link to original BOF post / here

“I never saw beauty as being something that was a physical object. I fundamentally see beauty as being a moment in time, a fleeting feeling, a scar, a memory, an experience, a sense of freedom.” – Matthew Miller




Am I the only person tired of seeing contouring everywhere? Darker and lighter toned foundations, creams, powders used to create a more ‘defined’ facial structure that just seems too much of a hassle and takes way too long. Personally, I just find it dated and uninteresting.

One arising trend I do find much more interesting, fresh and modern is the neutral make-up look. Light coverage foundation, neutral eye shadow shades, pink toned lipstick – just enough to enhance your features. And this is definitely a trend I have been embracing recently.

One product that is the soul of this look is my Kiehl’s BB cream. I absolutely love this stuff – it feels like moisturiser during application and sits weightlessly on your skin. It’s also enriched with vitamin C to help correct skin irregularities, making it perfect for everyday use as well as nighttime wear.