I’ve had my blog nearly a year now, and weirdly this is my very first beauty post. A few weeks ago, I posted this nail art design using silver tinsel on my instagram inspired by some of Love Aesthetics old nail art posts. Since I’ve recently had eye surgery, I’ve been pretty bed bound and bored and this repeating design has been enough to keep me occupied for a while without straining my eye too much. Here’s how I did it:

1/ Paint all your nails with a base coat.

2/ Apply a few layers of white polish to four of your nails, leaving one on each hand bare.

3/ Add a coat of clear polish to your bare nail, whilst it’s still wet carefully place three strips of tinsel on your nail in one direction.

4/ Once that’s dry, apply another coat of clear polish and repeat set 3 but place the tinsel in the opposite direction to create a check.

5/ Apply top coat to all your nails.

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collage-13collage-13 copycollage-15collage-13 copy 2I‘ve been meaning to do another wearing post for a while, but I haven’t really been in a creative mood lately, until today. I recently got this white split midi skirt from Fashion Bunker and it pairs perfectly with my boxy crop shirt from House of Sunny along with this box bag from Marks and Spencer’s. I also really love the contract of my roots and matte black nails against the all white boxy pieces. Fiona

Shirt / House of Sunny Skirt / Keepsake at Fashion Bunker Bag / Marks and Spencer

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I realised the other day, that I actually didn’t own a plain white t-shirt. The simplest of all things. So I decided, I wanted to buy a fairly good quality one and combined with Weekday offering free delivery due to their new website launch, this was the perfect opportunity.

Since it’s arrived, I’ve literally worn it non stop as it’s so comfy. I have no idea how I lived without it beforehand.


T-shirt/ Weekday
Bra/ Nike
Jeans/ Urban Outfitters
Coat/ Topshop (similar here)
Sliders/ DIY

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