When browsing Business of Fashion earlier today, this collection instantly caught my eye. The bold red catwalk contrasting with the on-trend fuchsia pink backdrop made the more minimalistic garments stand out beautifully.

When looking through the looks, the use of fabrics was something I found particularly interesting. Puffer jackets, honeycomb mesh garments and pink satin sock boots all collided together to create beautiful wearable outfits.

However, I was not a huge fan of the last half of the collections and felt the leather bustiers and orange shearing coats had no place next to the electric blue accents and tech fabrics.

Full the full collection here via BoF




When browsing LFWM on Business of Fashion, I came across a collection by designer Matthew Miller for autumn of 2017, showcased on Saturday, January 7th.  The collection consisted of 21 looks; both male and female, with a beautiful simple colour palette of black, white, burgundy and hints of a delicate leaden-blue.

Vermilion red was also incorporated within this palette through the models make-up and/or accessory; some having lines from their nose or eyes or a subtle printed scarf draped around their head, shoulders or in hand. In particular, I’m taken by the choice of models – with many having resemblance to pixies or similar mystical beings. I feel this is an interesting yet brave choice, as focus may be diverted from their clothes to the model. However, I do not feel this is the case as Miller has thought well about the differentiation and contrast for these two to work well together. Interesting models making simple clothes appear desirable.

Miller kept consistency within his collection, with the middle parting hairstyle and all flat footwear choices, showing these still relevant trends (despite the push for the return of the stiletto / Vogue). The oversized feel of some of the garments feels entirely relevant due to the decision of layering in different textures and fabric weights, allowing the outfits to flow.

For more of the collection and link to original BOF post / here

“I never saw beauty as being something that was a physical object. I fundamentally see beauty as being a moment in time, a fleeting feeling, a scar, a memory, an experience, a sense of freedom.” – Matthew Miller





Will 2016 be the year of Louis Vuitton? Well, by judging how their year has gone only 28 days in, I think it may well be. With campaigns that have gone viral and ones that have pushed sexist boundaries, and they just keep getting better and better.

Their most recent collection for menswear fall 2016 was inspired by Paris, with Art Deco designs, scribbly Jean Cocteau–esque drawings, a pile of Vuitton monogram trunks and a chiffon drape hanging from the ceiling- enough to make anyone excited!

Watch the live stream of the whole show here

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Today I went to view a local University with my family. I’m interested in doing a degree in Fashion Promotion and the way this one was run sounded amaze to me (plus there’s chances to go abroad to China, Paris and many other places so how could I say no to that)! I also liked the fact they incorporated some photography into the course which I’ve found a lot of other universities do not do.

Anyway, this is the outfit I chose to wear for the day!

IMG_5862IMG_5860IMG_5859I based my whole outfit around this beautiful grey turtleneck which I managed to pick up from a charity shop for 99p. Yes! This beauty was less than £1! I love it so so much and it is one of my favourite buys from this fall. Along with this black woolen jacket with a faux fur collar, which I also managed to get from a charity shop for £5. I’ve worn this every single day since I got it – it’s just the perfect size and I can wear it when it’s really cold as well as when it’s a little warmer like today. Which is perfect with the always changing British weather! Yet again I am wearing my bargain white ripped mom jeans from Zara along with my black Dr. Marten sandals.

IMG_5863I then chose to wear my black round sunglasses from Urban Outfitters which I got in the summer. Whilst we were out, I also bought a new necklace from New look (which I don’t have on here as I put it on after I took these pictures) but you can find it here and it’s an absolute bargain for £3.99!

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Hey guys! I really liked my outfit today so here’s a quick little post on it. I felt like going for a slight sport luxe trend today yet still keeping my outfit monochrome (as usual) and very comfortable and casual for sixth form.


Firstly, on the bottom I opted for my white ripped mom jeans from Zara which I got in their sale a little while back for a mere £17 which I was absolutely over the moon with as they’re so comfy and so beautiful! I also chose to wear my new-ish H&M boots which have a pointed toe and a chunky platform. I love them so much but they start to hurt my feet a little if I wear them for too long :(.


On the top I chose the wear this black mesh-like jumper which I get from Primark last winter which also has a cute leather trim around the neckline. In order to make my outfit a little more sporty I opted for a little black bralet underneath the jumper which I got in Topshop‘s sale for a very tiny £3 (when it should have been £28) which I was sooo happy with because I had been looking for something like that for ages! However, it was extremely cold this morning so I decided to wear my H&M faux leather jacket over the top to keep me warm whilst still looking put together and cool. I accessorised with some cute necklaces and my favourite leather belt which was my mums.

I hope you like this outfit! If so please like and give a comment 🙂

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